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Our Approach

We select our cuts from small producers in different european regions.

We prefer the scottona beef, scottona indicate a specific timespan in the cow’s growth, is the beginning of it’s fertile period, giving to the meat a unmistakable ripe taste, superb marbling, delicious taste and fragrance, also nutritional values are great with unsurated fat outgrowing the saturated one, great amount of proteins and high digestibility.


We believe that premium cuts deserves premium equipment Big Green Egg Flavor takes on an exceptional, widely acclaimed subtlety, the big green egg makes it possible to cook healthy, enhancing the flavor of the food

We smoke selected meats on pellet bbq, Yoder YS640.
Exceptional juiciness and flavor of wood pellet guarantee genuine gastronomic experience. We are bringing back the traditions alive using fire and smoke in the kitchen.

Kitchen Team


Daniele Govoni


Matteo De Carli


Alberto Vitale